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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Newest Works, Resin Tray for Three Square Food Bank art auction.

This piece is inspiring new works on the modern day victory garden.  New art with these images coming soon...  Theme was "End Hunger."  Large theme, so I broke it down into; community.  How can a community fight hunger within?  Community gardens, home gardens...  Trading and bartering foods among neighbors.  The new victory garden. 
My resin tray, popping bubbles with torch...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Added a new Page to Web Site

Decided to place an "Etsy Shops" page within my webpage.  I do have an online e-commerce shop but I tend to have more items on my etsy shops.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Idea of Originality... Ethical Stance

Having major aesthetic and ethical discussion with a good artist pal of what it means to be original in your own art work.  With much angst toward the "rip off artists" that copy designs for self or worse for total resale.  As I posted in an etsy forum where is the line between inspiration and plagiarism? 

Is the literary word more valuable than the visual arts? So if one takes text from a novel, newspaper, book, isn't that considered plagiarism? If one takes the ideas of another artwork and makes it their own they are inventive? I say a copy cat and most involved in the arts see though it. 
I found these amazing artists on etsy that share our ideals, thank you.  I have included their works above.  
"Show Respect and Give Credit" by DippyLulu
"You are What You Craft" by SweetPerversion
"Keep Integrity and Don't Steal" by DippyLulu
"Be Original and Don't Plagiarize" by DippyLulu

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lil etsy front pagers, very fortuante to have these bunnies on

Many thanks to etsy for featuring my bunnies on the front page of

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Viva Las Vegas Spectacular: y our 1950 Buick Special

Viva Las Vegas 13; Las Vegas, NV.  
Chuck Berry headlined event.  A legend plays event at 83 years of age. 

Our Buick Special was entered into the Viva annual car show and rockabilly weekender.  
My husband has spent months preparing/rebuilding our vehicle.  All mechanical work was completed and now she purrs like a kitten.  
Many gear heads were impressed with the under the hood view.   Dave was explaining his work all weekend.  I am proud of his hard work and dedication to our vehicle. 
 Our hives of hair.
Jackie and I enjoyed the cars y vintage inspired fashion.  Thanks to Jackie for my styling for the event.  Two days of beautiful sculptural quaffs.   

Look for vintage inspired paintings soon.  Some how I would love to incorporate our Buick in some new imagery.
 My vintage dress by:
My vintage oxfords by:
Vintage by
Necklaces by

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

newest works 2010

Back into the swing of painting.  Back to the figure, I've taken a three year break from my traditional figurative paintings.  Back to the human form again.  I love painting, plus back to canvas...  Birds on wood veneer, figures on canvas.  Visit me at First Friday to see these completed...