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Friday, September 3, 2010

The Idea of Originality... Ethical Stance

Having major aesthetic and ethical discussion with a good artist pal of what it means to be original in your own art work.  With much angst toward the "rip off artists" that copy designs for self or worse for total resale.  As I posted in an etsy forum where is the line between inspiration and plagiarism? 

Is the literary word more valuable than the visual arts? So if one takes text from a novel, newspaper, book, isn't that considered plagiarism? If one takes the ideas of another artwork and makes it their own they are inventive? I say a copy cat and most involved in the arts see though it. 
I found these amazing artists on etsy that share our ideals, thank you.  I have included their works above.  
"Show Respect and Give Credit" by DippyLulu
"You are What You Craft" by SweetPerversion
"Keep Integrity and Don't Steal" by DippyLulu
"Be Original and Don't Plagiarize" by DippyLulu

1 comment:

Amy said...

I think morals have disappeared and no one thinks twice about using others work as their own. It is just common place to "STEAL" ideas now.
I do believe that there are still original ideas, otherwise it wouldn't warrant stealing the idea from others.