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Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Once a Month Blog Post and Plea in Democrat Survey of Importance...

With educators and other jobs in jeopardy, I have found it a must to write my politicians.  I know some of my cohorts/comrades are pessimistic as any of these surveys, petitions, letters or cries for change do a thing but are rather deleted and filed away.... 
Well if I sit on my buttocks I will have a mental breakdown.  So in my attempt to be heard and for my mental sanity I have been involved in attending rallies, writing letter and filling out surveys.  I will be heard, squeaky wheel am I.  Where would we be if  everyone in history sat on their bottoms and thought it wouldn't matter?  
Well this flat bottom girl is going to fight with the mighty pen!
My little plea in a recent Democrat survey...  I need to refine but limited to characters allowed in survey.

Education and environment are crucial in creating an independent and successful country.  These are two priorities that will help us as a society in present and future years.  Please help properly fund public education as it is important to maintain an aware, intelligent civilization, country and community.

Please also help create clean energy jobs with the use of readily available solar and wind power (two resources that are available in Nevada and the Southwest).  These jobs and renewable sources of energy are important to us as an aware, ethical civilization, country and community. 
An investment in education and renewable resources will make us an independent country once again.

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